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Here is the lineup of scares:

The Subject –  this story is about a college male model posing for money. He makes a deal beyond his wildest expectations and becomes the display of displays for a canvas no one has ever dared to see.

Savage Embrace – this story is a POV angle about a man’s experience of a horrible paralyzing dream when awake. Maybe.

The Claimed – A small town is plagued with birds falling from the sky.  Subsequently, people are losing limbs and bleeding to death. A young boy knows why it’s happening and won’t tell the petrified surviving townsfolk, unless his demands are met.

A Single Rune – A rune cast by an old woman on a bus creates destiny for its trapped passengers. Some won’t accept their fate.

Who Said That? – A man faces invisible forces who are intent of relieving him of his sorrow over his lost wife and daughter. But this comfort doesn’t have his best interests in mind.

And four more tales to shock you out of your skin!