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The Alice Interviews, Part 1



The Alice Interviews, Pt. 1

In a dark home, deep inside a cellar, two darkened fingers speak under a lone swinging light bulb, flickering a warning to anyone who dares enter.


“Just tell me what happened, Alice. In any sequence.”


Alice’s pause hung within the cold, dank cellar air before she answered. She tried to pull her injured fingers apart, one by one.


“Dammed strands. Blood doesn’t dull it its yellow colour. Look!


Her fingers spread with her own blood, trickling between each one.


“The next thing I know I am swinging by my neck, hands grasping at the rough rope. You can see where the rope burned my skin. See my veins and my flesh?”


“Yes. And what prompted you to remain here and not die?”


“I’ll get to that. As horrible as it was be hung by my husband, I managed to hold onto his hanging body with my legs. See the other rope? I was hanging next to him. My legs grappled and held his pale waist because my hands were pulling the rope away from my neck so I wouldn’t be like HIM.”


“Alice, can we get to the first point, please?”


“Hey, have you ever faced dying AND witnessing the torture of YOUR own CHILDREN?”


Dmitri, agent of Satan, said. “Please, Alice. Go on.”


“My hands kept pulling down on the rope, like this. See?”


Alice’s head mimics the motion of her chin rising up and the charade-like imitation of the pulling the rope down toward her collarbone.


“Soon, I realized I was bleeding all over my fingers! My fingers! And that’s when I noticed my son, staring up at me. “


Dmitri’s eyes widened, curiosity within his deep red pupils, “Oh? What’s his name?”


“Cali. His innocent little eyes asked why I was hanging there. My legs grappled at my husband’s dead hanging body. Cali didn’t know what to do. But he tried to do something. The wrong thing.”


“He did what?”


“He tried to pull his father’s body down.” Alice choked on her emotional words. “For some reason, he thought I wanted to save his daddy. Then Bree came down the cellar stairs, yelling.”


“Cali couldn’t stop pulling at his dad’s legs and I started to black out.”


Dmitri simply stared at Alice as she mustered enough strength to speak.


“Before my eyes closed, something in the dark shadows of the cellar grabbed her and threw her against the wall. My shock deepened and my vision clouded before I saw its eyes, smiling back at me. Smiling eyes! My heart felt like it stopped and…I must have passed out.”


“But why would your son…? And who did you see?”


“I don’t know whose eyes I saw close by. I just don’t know.”


Alice paused before explaining, “It’s Cali. Call my son Cali!


“Yes, of course. Cali. Why would he save his father if the man was clearly dead?”


“Cali loved his father even though he saw so little of him. The truck driving position paid very well, but sacrificed home life. Cali never saw death.”


“I see. Well, let’s talk of the matter with Bree. She was thrown?”


“Well, yes, but I have no idea how. Maybe I had died at that point. I don’t know. I simply remember opening my eyes at times to vaguely see Bree and Cali talking to something in the dark. And then I felt hotness against my eyes. Searing. Like fire.”


Dmitri issued a hidden wicked smile, “What was it?”


“A flash from the upstairs bedroom. The, the pentagram I drew on the floor that night, before all of this happened. It glowed. Somehow I could see it. Feel it.


Dmitri smiled a little wider.


“But dammit, It didn’t matter. Cali and Bree were thrown in opposite directions! They were hurting! God, they were hurting! My babies!!”


Alice lowered her chin to her neck, still amazed at her ability to move it without pain.


Dmitiri feigned concern,  “Let’s pause a moment. So you can collect yourself. Hmm?”


(Part Two is Next)




Bill D. Bistak, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company

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