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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Fifteen – You Are A Death Risk, Part 11

You Are A Death Risk, Part 11 By BD Scott   Dremond has escaped the old woman’s wrath and is investigating a strange room down the hallway. And it’s about to get very dangerous.   The thing exhaled intense rot from its orifices, incinerating the basic chemistry of air into nothingness. It wanted death. Immediate, […]

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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Eight – You Are A Death Risk, Part 4

You Are A Death Risk, Part Four By BD Scott Dremond is driving away from his problems. His wife has decided Dremond has resumed alcoholism and is retreating from life. Someone back in Dremond’s home town is getting a clue to the terror that which surrounds. Today, all of these realities change.   Dremond stopped […]

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Darkness Reveals – Instalment One – UnSafeRoom

Darkness Reveals – Instalment One – Un ¬†Safe Room¬† A Short Bite Horror Story by B.D. Scott “You owe us. Pay up, or die!” Blaze angrily commanded through his android smart phone. He represented the most reliable but toughest loan shark in Nantown, Chicago. Terry panicked, shut his cell phone and the conversation down. Trying […]

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