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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Six – You Are A Death Risk, Part 2

You Are A Death Risk, Part 2 B.D. Scott   In part one, Dremond thinks he sees a strange female suicide across from his worksite and gets accused of alcohol withdrawal. He subsequently finishes an exhausting work-shift, goes home to sleep it all off. During the effort, he unexpectedly faces being punched awake by his […]

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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Five – You Are A Death Risk, Part 1

You Are A Death Risk By BD Scott 7AM The morning breeze caressed his hand like a welcoming handshake. And with it, the sun warmed his face, reminding him that a good life excludes no one. “Maybe attitudes won’t be in the shitter today, ” Dremond muttered, pulling his hand back inside his Ford Truck. […]

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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Four – Dark Loneliness

Dark Loneliness By BD Scott That scream! Where is it coming from? Wait, it’s… Behind this wall. Down this hallway. Through this door. And in here. Who is in my own place? I live alone. A siren screams by far below outside my fourteenth floor window. Crisis is everywhere these days. But, in my place? […]

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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Three – FINAL BET

FINAL BET By BD Scott   “You in or out, Larry?” The dark, depth of a quiet basement sucked Larry into a temporary lull. The hanging cigar smoke and several shots of whiskey couldn’t have caused it. It may have been because he ignored his physical need for food and deep clear breathing from his […]

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