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NEW HORROR ~ Hollow followed

Here is part one of the Audio Dramatized Story.

Hollowed, Followed

“What is that noise? Sounds like it’s coming from…”

“I don’t know, sweetheart, ” Seth replied, waking out of a deep sleep. ” It’s early. Go back to…”

“Please look.”

“Remember how the fridge pipes defrost and thud, Beth?”

“No, Listen. Hear that?”

It was different.

“Ok, I’ll go look.”

Seth rose silently, touching his feet to the chilly floor and graduating into a defensive walking pose. In the far end of the room, the closet creaked itself open.

Great, the boogeyman follows me again? I read too many Stephen King novels.

He turned his face to the kitchen.

The sound came from where, exactly?

Seth moved toward the closet which had been built just inches from the kitchen threshold; something inside shifted. A doll with piercing eyes rushed toward Seth’s legs.

“What the…?” Seth yelled grappling with the possessed toy, throwing it into the kitchen sink. Despite the toy’s incredible ferocity, Seth somehow managed to grab a knife and began stabbing the animated horror. Several seconds went on like an eternity and Seth took a breath. He decided to end this craziness by quickly pouring cooking oil over the doll. In a haphazard fashion, he lit the toy up with an ordinary match after scratching it against the cutting board. In an instant, the tiny monster puffed into a smoke cloud and vanished, except for one thing ~ its remaining sinister stare hovered in front of Seth’s face.

“Beth! Come here! Beth!”

When she rushed to him, the stare and the doll were gone; she noticed the burn spot in her sink and went into a tirade over the way Seth reacted. He couldn’t respond fast enough while she turned her back to fill a glass cup, plop his medication down on the counter and rush out, insisting his hallucinations returned. However, Seth wasn’t convinced his ordeal was an illusion. He took a sip of water to rinse his roughed up throat from yelling. The water tasted funny. He shook it off, owing the odd flavour to morning breath.

He walked throughout his house and into their small living room, sitting on the wide windowsill. The fresh air proved itself calming and quiet.  After a minute or two, he traipsed through the remainder of the house, shaking off the morning . Beth resumed her routine, ignoring him and any explanations he was ready to offer. He clothed himself in workout gear and compelled himself to clear his head with a walk outside where houses to the right and left of their main road sat undisturbed.

What the hell did I just see?

Despite his confusion, one particular home sported unusual activity for the hour of day. A strange dog approached him, walking with a staggered gait. Its four legs were oddly proportioned and its body seemed partially inflated from front to back. Imagine Disney’s Bambi with a bad case of intestinal gas and pouchy legs trying to gain footing on sheet ice. Once his brain regained reality, without as much as a warning, a beautiful twenty-something woman walked over to him. Her high resting breasts, slim waist and round tight behind sauntered toward him, recognizing him.

“You. You wrote that one book, didn’t you? You live around here? Yum!”

A babe like that reads my published work? Hard to believe since she looks like she popped out of a fitness or porn magazine.

She embraced him as if he was coming home from a long hiatus. Her hips ground into his, giving him a morning erection. As if that wasn’t enough, her sister ~ her twin sister appeared. He couldn’t believe this.

Another hallucination of being followed? This just can’t continue. What’s wrong with me today?

He attempted to jog away and clear his over-active imagination. But, this was real. He hugged these two and they snuggled. Both invited him into their home. He acquiesced and walked with them, but not before their dog got between them and somehow made Seth take its leash. The dog pulled him off for many yards. During the rushed walk, the dog’s shape returned to the actual semblance of a normal looking animal. Seth shook his head to eliminate the semblance of a morphed creature on a leash from his mind.

Maybe I do need my medication after all.

The dog pulled him into a large parking lot, where many people gathered for either a music event or a social gathering of sorts. He spotted the two girls who invited him for a morning delight and approached them with a smile.

“Leave, today is girl’s day out,” one blasted at him.

Seth glared.

“Here’s your damn dog back.”

He turned around, walked home and shook off the weirdest morning in his life by making his mind  go blank on purpose.

Why did I not do my meditation while walking? Dammit!

It was his secret after all, meditating while simultaneously doing something physical. His consciously driven method had allowed him to wean off his medication, but not completely. Seth’s own way of meditating did not copy the full trance typically taught. It became a state of energy he willed on purpose, where his attention was full and his breathing matched his heart beat. Any type of activity become effortless, making no one wiser to his ways. This morning was a mental shock of sorts, knocking him out of his usual rhythm. He swore all of this was familiar but pressed onward, trying to figure out just what happened.

He recounted being sexually denied and a weird interaction with someone else’s dog.

What was the point? Is this some sort of warning?

He nearly arrived home when he passed the home with the sexy twins.

“I’m sorry, “one sexy sister offered from the porch. “She does that.”

“Who does what?” Seth answered with a twisted look.

“My sister fakes men out like that. Pretends to seduce them and fuck them off ~ in a bad way. It’s not you, author man. It’s her.”

“Um, ok.” Seth gave back while waving an open hand while staring at his hard on, hoping it would subside.

“I love your writing. Can we talk now?”

Her feminine sway proved irresistible and he took the bait. However, he marched across the street like he did during his military days, prepared for an ambush of some kind.

“I don’t bite, ” She giggled.

He couldn’t decide whether to smirk back or to take on a fight stance for the second time today. The flash back of the possessed doll cluttered his vision for the tiniest of seconds.

It didn’t matter.

She meshed into him, kissing him wildly, groping his well exercised body, squeezing his ass.

Before he could think, he was making love to this vixxen who hadn’t offered as much as her name. At the moment of his release, she thundered with pleasure underneath him and pleaded for more. He obliged.

His eyes fluttered a bit while whipping his head around like he was shaking moisture from wet hair.

He had passed out in front of his open window in his home.

“That whole thing was a dream?” he asked the open window.

“I gave you that liquid sedative to prove a point, Seth,” his wife staunchly offered.

Seth suddenly jumped a bit and sat back down, facing her.

Her dainty five foot three frame somehow towered over him.


“You’ve been writing non-stop. You run around here as if I don’t exist. We had a date night. You missed it ~ again. And I hate you for forgetting. Plus you’re not adhering to your medication program. You promised!”

Her tapping toes insinuated he had been that dog symbolically, or something like it. But he forgot to dream about the dog house, where he figuratively was thrown at this particular moment.

“Here. The damn doll from your childhood fell on my head again when I was reaching for my coat in the closet. I thought you’d gotten rid of that hollowed out nightmare! Can’t you let go? I mean, why do you use this ratty thing to remember bad dreams and write about them? That’s going to make your stories scarier? You have a sickness really ~ keeping your mind delusional about everything, even me.”

“I thought I burned that. Didn’t I?”

Beth’s hands remained on her hips.

“I’m not doing this over and over again on purpose, honey. I feel like its a curse or something. My brain is all confused.”

“Yeah, I’m supposed to believe that! Here. You know what to do!”

Seth’s face turned pale at the sight of the doll. He should have gotten rid of the ridiculous childhood toy. He had burned it though, right?  He imagined doing it possibly? After all, it did induce constant nightmares when he was a child. Why had he held on to this senseless piece of questionable sentimental value?

The momentary question made him freeze inside.

Was this a self fulfilling prophecy? Had his inducement of nightmares fuelled his mind and made him confuse what was real, thus burning the edges of his most important relationship with Beth and himself?

He found the doll and turned its face upward.

The lazy thing’s left eye winked at him, smiled a sinister smile and seethed,”I didn’t burn!”

He dropped the toy, yelled and ran to the bedroom.

Everything around him vanished in a dark crashing loud cloud.

In the bedroom, Beth awoke and rolled over asking, “What is that noise? Sounds like it’s coming from…”

She caught herself and remembered Seth’s sudden death from a month ago.

She forgot about his dangerous allergic reaction to sedatives.

She buried her head into her pillow, crying from her intense guilt.

Her muffled apologies drenched the bedding.

Every night since his demise, this dream plagued her.

Next to her, the hollowed shape of Seth flattened against the bed ~ again.

“Ok, I’ll go look, ” Seth’s whisper echoed.





Really gets you...!” Stacey F.        







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Bill Bistak, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company

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