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Home Again

Home Again

After a night of restaurant hopping, an exuberant husband and wife tumbled into their home again, laughing hysterically. They nearly injured one another while making their way inside their humble one-story town home. Both refused to drink but had allowed hilarity to rule the evening. What they were laughing about strictly seemed to be their business. If one had been nearby to play detective regarding the commotion, only a word or phrase could be strung together to create a most ridiculous story, making sense only to an attending psychiatric team.

Once the front door closed and locked, the noise shut off and the street resumed its eerie silence. Across the lane, a deep shadow hung like humidity in the Serengeti, humming to itself.

Oblivious to the street and its hidden inhabitants, the couple decided to shower and fondle one another into a loud love-making session, again challenging the silent nature of this town home boulevard. Nary a night-light lit up to sense the disruption or its nature, suggesting the frequency of this couple’s antics or a reluctant social tolerance teetering on the brink of retaliation.

Five homes down from the amorous goings-on, a dark silhouette blew out a single candle in the middle of its living room. Its grey smoke swirled around the drying blood upon a shrunken head. A hint of strange whispering scathed the silent environment like a scratch against a baby’s belly.

“Yes, enjoy yourselves while you can.”

A murmur of laughter rumbled, shaking the leaves of a nearby hibiscus plant.

The couple’s love-making continued on through the night, their volume nearly shattering the top half of their already open double paned window.. This sexual celebration caused various sounds to reverberate the rooftops just enough for neighbours to verbally protest from partially opened windows, suggesting jealously or pure irritation.

A second silhouette seemingly took notice of the passionate loudness breaking the night air.

It moved against the angle of a tall lamppost where it simply waited.

Midnight silently announced itself inside the partial shine of a thinly cloud-covered moon. The caw of a raven flying overhead seemed to call the creatures of the night into action.

During the moments after the witching hour, the two shadows met as if making a deal under the guise of deep night shade.



The night wore on as the lovemaking couple eased into a casual volume of mild laughter and moderate snoring, suggesting a most satisfactory night for two. Lights which had turned on in protest shut off one by one, assuring this community bore out the night’s questionable entertainment.

Out on the same road where two shadows met to converse, one shadow grew tall and slinked its way toward the home of the satisfied couple. Like lighting it entered their walls. Neither would sense their intruder while their sweat covered bodies slowly gave off their sexual whettings to the air above with each satisfied sleep breath.

Without as much as a warning, a deep roar overtook them.



The sunrise greeted the morning air with glorious rays of deep yellow and white, bathing everything below in a shower of heavenly kisses.

A group of neighbours gathered roadside in a collective hum. All wondered why a lone police officer hurriedly vacated the front door of the town home of the amorous couple.

The poor officer strode past the crowd with wild confusion. In a quiet moment, his face indicated the need to express something to them and at the last possible second fell back into reddened emotion. He added a final look that could only be described as a combination of horror, concern and unadulterated fear. The quiet closure of the police cruiser door punctuated the suggestion for all to keep to themselves.

Two individuals smiled wide in the middle of the street. Their mouths were covered by long grotesque fingers, suggesting a feigned shared concern among the neighbours. After which such gathering no one would find them blended as one inside the shadowed portion of the central street lamppost.

Later that night, a single shadow from this same central lamppost divided into two shadows. One walked away into the fifth home down the block, while the other blended into the next lamp post across from the couple’s home.

This sinister ritual remained respected by the unspoken understanding from this small community, like gang members guarding one another from the consequences from illegal activities.

There would be no happy couple coming home tonight.

In this community, happiness remained outlawed.

home again




home again

Bill D. Bistak, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company


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