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Safe House



Safe House

Strains of yellow danced along Darcy’s fifteen year old arm. The school nurse applied an ointment and a degree of obvious shock on her face.

“You made it worse!” Darcy protested.

Darcy scratched until she bled. Screaming in pain she burst out of the school medicine room, out of the school front doors and ran into the cloudy darkness of a windy and stormy afternoon. Inside the rain, her blood trailed in small splashy swirls underneath her feet.

Going home was not an option. Her parents were more combative lately, proving no sense of safety or compassion. There was only one place to call a safe house, but she was no criminal, only petrified from an unknown illness and unpredictable parents. This safe house rested just beyond her school about three blocks west, where hardly a soul traversed. Only one person ever visited there. She didn’t care who was in it. Whenever she visited before, she felt welcomed, even though no one approached her each time.

Upon her anxious arrival, she was met at the door by a hulking being with a soft smile. A man in a long black suit with split lapels greeted her after eyeing her pitiful state, asking her inside.

Darcy crumbled at his feet in exhaustion.

Moments later, her vision felt undulated and bobbled, like she was being hoisted and subsequently carried.

Her thoughts scattered until her world suddenly paused and stilled itself.

While her body registered immediate comfort inside strange bedding, her cloudy eyes registered a vague face above her.

“Shh, rest here,” He said with a hint of warning in his tone.

When the door closed, the light within the first floor room dimmed.


Her eyes cleared a little more and she opened them wide.

Above her, a dark shadowy figure with a distorted face smiled wide, teeth baring and saliva dripping,”Welcome home ~ again!”

Her scream could only be heard inside the bedding, where within seconds, Darcy disappeared forever.

The lights inside the building shut off all at once.

A whisper slipped through the town air, “We’re growing in numbers. Come one, come all. Come here to ease your ills.”

Inside the town safe house, a distinct laughter of an evil design shook the doors and windows inside a crack of thunder.





Bill Bistak, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company

Bill D. Bistak, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company

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