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Secrets Don’t Wake Up – Conclusion

(This is Part Two to Secrets Don’t Wake Up. Part One is listed before this one.)


Secrets Don’t Wake Up (conclusion)

Sharon has traipsed into forbidden territory during a party. She is found out…

“I see you found mother.”

Whipping around, Sharon gasped and nearly fell over.

“Hehe, Sharon, it’s ok. It’s ok. That’s my mother. She’s in a coma and she can’t speak. It’s from a stroke, the doctors said. Our caregiver needed a night off tonight. Momma’s fine…look.” Allison offered by placing a consoling hand on her mother.

“Sharon, are you alright? You look like you saw a ghost or something.”

“I…I think so,” Sharon nervously stuttered.

“Come Sharon, I want to show you something.”

“Allison, I’m sorry for coming down here. The baby monitor was blinking red and the video showed erratic movement on the bed. All I saw was hair popping out from the bedding. I figured help was needed.”

‘Sharon…Sharon…shh, you’re so sweet… it’s ok. Come over here. Let’s let momma sleep a bit.”

Before Sharon stepped out with Allison, she caught sight of what looked to be a diary on the far side of the bed. A pen was in her mother’s hand and a notepad sat underneath it.

“Oh, the notepad. She writes something every now and again. Sometimes we think she’s still there and wants to communicate more often. Can’t help but hope, ya know.”

Nodding, Sharon walked with Allison to the next room.

“See that journal on the desk? Would you get it for me Sharon?”


Allison opened the journal to reveal many writings in beautiful calligraphy, poetic in nature.

“Smell that?’

Sharon leaned forward to take a whiff.

“Pure leather-bound perfection. It’s an heirloom. Grandma loved dark poetry and stories. She always told us creepy stories, hoping we’d be inspired to carry them on in other ways after she passed on.”

“Cool. Allison, why are you showing me this?”

‘Shh… You know, no one is supposed to see momma but me, my family and our caregiver. We have secrets, just like any family.”

“You just said it was ok. I explained what happened and…”

“Shh, there is one thing you can do to help the situation.”

“Oh alright.”

Allison leaned in, asking Sharon, “Tell me. Why do you like me so much?”

‘Well …You’re an inspiration. I love the fact that the rumors in town are actually good rumors. And they’re about you. And they’re true. I like that. Most other towns I have lived in had so much drama. Reality TV pales by comparison. The wives of what Shore or whatever?”

Allison, unaffected by Sharon’s fun remark, leaned over admiring Sharon’s face.

“I love your eyes.”

“Allison, what are you doing? I saw you kissing Mr. stud upstairs.”

“Oh him, I tease men a lot.”

Suddenly, Allison kissed Sharon hard on the lips, holding her head tenderly with both hands.

Sharon, wide-eyed, gave in, but just a little.

The kiss broke off leaving Sharon confused.

“You discovered momma. A price was carried with that. You just paid it.”

An uneasy moment passed.

“There’s more that goes with that price, Sharon.”

Sharon gathered herself by nervously ruffling her hair and pressing her clothing flat, as if dust would puff off. She avoided eye contact with Allison.

“Sharon, you have seen too much.”

“Well, everyone here seems to have had way too much to drink and I should just be going, ok? Sorry for coming down here. I should mind my own business. Thank you for inviting me to your celebration.”

Sharon turned around to see the crowd of partiers collected behind her, holding an eerie silence and staring at her.

Allison spoke out.

“You have entered our space, Sharon. And you have seen things tonight that have never been shown to an outsider before.”

“Hold on a second. Any of them can see your momma. She’s in the next room for gods-sakes! I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary!”

Allison preened her hair and said, ‘This is my family. Take her, please.”

Many pairs of hands picked Sharon up and took her in unison straight to a bed, next to Allison’s mother!

Sharon screamed out as she was overcome by hands holding her down.

“Let me go!! When did this bed get there? It wasn’t here before! Let me go!”

Sharon’s wild bucking and protesting were met with a powerful sting in her upper thigh.

Within seconds, her body relaxed. She could not move her lips or muster another word.

Straps were applied to keep Sharon down; an IV needle was placed atop her left hand. The saline bag wasn’t saline. It held a specialized muscle relaxant with paralytic properties.

Sharon, still keen to everything around her, could not defend herself.

The entire group of partiers departed in silence.

Allison noticed the awareness remaining in Sharon’s eyes and leaned over.

“You are the star word crafter in this town’s school I hear. I did some digging on you before you arrived. It seems you have a knack for keen writing. When the severity of the paralysis eases a little, you should be able to move your hands a little; you get to write my future lines, making me famous over and over again. When your creativity wears thin, you get the next narcotic dose until you’re inspired again!”

Allison placed Sharon’s right hand with a pen in the writing position, opened to a blank page in the same journal talked about earlier.

“Write me my lines for a time and I might let you free…I’ll be waiting. And one more thing, remember grandma’s legacy!”


Allison silently departed the room after re-adjusting the baby monitor video camera and shutting off the light.




The new flick in town featured its home town starlet again. More and more of the town enjoyed its revived night life.

Five new show times were added to the movie-house schedule for the first time in its history.

In another post-premiere appearance, Allison was pulled aside by the movie house manager.

“You’re putting us back on the map, Allison! You’re snappy lines are dancing off everyone’s lips and putting profit back into the business of this town! How do you do it, girl?”

“It’s all about words, hun, just words!”


— End




Bill D. Bistak, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company

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