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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Eleven – You Are A Death Risk, Part 7

You Are A Death Risk, Part 7

By BD Scott


Dremond has been stopped at the Shutterfield town line by Police.


“Hey, Chief, I’d like to tag along. In case you find my wife. You know I’m accounted for.”

“You look shell-shocked. What’s going on?”

“Uh, well. About my wife, I’m worried, you know.”

Officer Pete stopped to consider the request. Dremond calmed his nerves down and rubbed his face hard, hoping blood flow to his face would make him look a bit more normal. He still couldn’t get over the fact that another soul had seen what he had seen.  Being labeled the second town idiot would be the wrong move. And for a brief second, he feared Chief Officer Pete would deny his request.

“Alright, get in.”

Dremond opened the passenger side door.

“The back.”

Dremond corrected himself and shut the front door of the police cruiser and crouched back into the back seat.

At the Police station, administrative people were hustling, answering phones, dispatching small  police patrols to account for everyone in town. In the rear of this old building office was a lone jail cell, where a young man sat with obvious unease. He kept verbalizing that he knew who was responsible for the tragedy but no one dared take him seriously.

When Dremond and the Chief arrived, the business of the office increased even more. Dremond followed the chief into his main office.

“You, keep quiet a bit while I get an update on matters. Just sit here for a bit.”

“I just want to ask a favour, Chief.”

“Can it wait?”

“Well, not really. It’s very important.”

“What’s more important than accounting for everyone in town so we can identify the bodies? We don’t have 21st century forensic equipment around here, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“Your witness. I’d like to talk with him.”

“About what? He’s a nut who’s bit jarred by the whole experience. He goes off like a rocket. For now, he’s corralled. I don’t need him riling up the townsfolk.”

“Chief, maybe I can keep him calm for you. So your people here can concentrate. Whaddya say?”


“Maybe he just needs to get something off his chest. Come on, I know guys like that. They trust me for some reason.”

The Chief considered the request while preparing his notepad.

“You sure you’re not drinking again?”

“Chief, I’m sober as a mouse without cheese.”

“That didn’t make sense,”Dremond ,”Then again, your sense of humour was always a bit off for my taste. That tells me you are sober.”

The Chief still took several minutes mulling over Dremond’s request. Dremond sat like a child waiting for its father to hand down a punishment.

“On one condition, Dremond.”

“Name it.”

“You check on my mother afterwards. That nut takes care of her. He’s my step-son and I don’t trust him right now. Say what you’re gonna say to the bloke and go to her tonight into tomorrow.”

The Chief’s radio went off.

“Hey Chief, Allison and Art and his family are accounted for. Have you seen Dremond? His wife’s asking.”

Dremond stood up.

“Check your wife at home. Come back here in three hours. Calm the dope in the cell for fifteen minutes, tops. That’s all the time you get. And do me the favour I asked,”

The Chief pointed in the air with his pen for emphasis,”You do this right, we’re even on all counts. I might give clearance for you to go back to work.”

Dremond couldn’t believe his fortune in a time of shock and tragedy.

“You, you got it. I owe you Pe…”

“Hey, not a word to anyone. Not a word.”

Dremond nodded and took off for home.



Many folk gathered in a designated safe area where police where gathering names, consoling and caring for the townsfolk. A few looked up at the building across the way and studied the windows.

“I wonder if that loud-mouth the police took into custody knew something,” Chester, the towns barber calmly queried to his buddy.

“Doubt it, Ches,” George, the town bum mumbled.

“Well, lookie there. Something is smiling up there. It’s, it’s pointing at me.”

A moment later, Chester collapsed from a heart attack.

A new brand of chaos erupted.


To Be Continued

Darkness Resumed

BD Scott, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company