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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Fifteen – You Are A Death Risk, Part 11

You Are A Death Risk, Part 11

By BD Scott


Dremond has escaped the old woman’s wrath and is investigating a strange room down the hallway.

And it’s about to get very dangerous.


The thing exhaled intense rot from its orifices, incinerating the basic chemistry of air into nothingness. It wanted death. Immediate, satisfying, bloody death. The kind that shocked humans into complete silence. It hated being found out and confronted. Fear, threat and danger were its weapons of choice and all of them worked against the weak nature of humanity, damn near every time. Its name had been spoken once, and from that instant, it nearly perished. Hunched on its hind-quarters, the three thick extensions upon three lower appendages which should resemble toes, gripped the splintered floor slowly, preparing to tear apart the intruder who entered.

“Anyone there?” Dremond asked, stepping in silence and peering down the hallway of apartment 300. This long walk seemed much longer than usual. For a moment Dremond likened it to an abyss.

Thoughts crept into his head, one word at a time, confusing him.


“Who said that?”


“But, who is…”


“Wait! Who are…?”


“Who’s going to die?”


A scalding wave of heat hit his face and chest and he scurried out into the blackness of the hallway.

The opening of the farthest door from him creaked slightly.

“It’s them. I know it is.”

He kept reminding himself that the thunderous thumping in his chest was his heart and nothing else.

He swore he had been kicked hard right in the sternum.

“Come to us,” echoed down the hall and to his shivering, burning ears.


To Be Continued


BD Scott, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company