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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Nine – You Are A Death Risk, Part 5

You Are A Death Risk, Part 5

By BD Scott


 Dremond has left town. His best friend and wife have witnessed the most horrific accident their small town has ever dealt with in its short history. Some thing loves what it sees as the town of Shudderfield begins to unravel.


The chaos wihin Shudderfield escalated to enormous proportion. The townsfolk had never sustained this level of destruction and death at once. Seven people died horribly inside the explosion of smashing vehicular mayhem. The carnage consisted of bodies burnt to black, limbs scattered and bleeding out, and a human head with its eyes wide and full and void of life and sitting on what looked like a dashboard. The million or so pieces of plexiglass windshield peppered the area around this rancid scene of acute death. Dark smoke rose high and thick into the late morning sky while torrents of water from three firetrucks targeted the fire-enraged accident scene.

Those who registered shock a bit less than the others swore a bomb detonated due to the magnitude of the blast between the two vehicles. Their assessment of the scene was quickly ignored because the entire town became a giant triage of instant doctors and nurses (who weren’t of these professions) and acted out of the warmth of their own hearts. All seemed to stop their lives and assist the police and EMS, tending to the injured passersby.  The irony stood fresh however. For the moment, all forgot about their piss poor living situations and simply came together as one community.

Art and Allison had a different take on the matter. Both raced home to Art’s family to account for them and their safety.

“Here, get in. before Main Street clogs up,” Art urged Allison.

“But my car!”

“We’ll come back for it. Let’s go see if everyone is ok at home.”

For some seconds, Allison swore she was a part of Art’s family. An unsettling thought occurred to her.

I might have to move in. Dremond pays the mortgage. And he’s gone.

Before Art started the car, Allsion noticed a young man hysterically pointing to the building across from Dremond and Art’s worksite. He kept screaming “THEY DID IT! THEY DID IT!” as the police coralled him and sat him inside their police cruiser.  She thought they were just trying to calm him down and contain his hysteria. But they cuffed him and drove off.

Allsions words caught in her throat.

I don’t understand what has happened. I’m so scared Dremond, please come home.

Allsion buried her face in her hands softly sobbing while Art drove.



100 miles away at that same moment

“What was that?” Dremond demanded of his enclosed truck cabin, shaking off his blanket, sitting straight up and knocking his head on the low ceiling.


He rubbed his head for several minutes, cursing the ceiling, beating it with his other hand.


His rant was interrupted by several ambulances racing toward this parking area and whining away. 


He rambled on while turning on the overhead light and paging through the local travel map he took from the backside pocket of the passenger side seat.

“There’s no hospital out in these parts, except maybe,” his finger traced a path toward the next major city a mere fifteen more miles northeast. His greasy fingers reached for the radio dial in the front of the cab and turned it on, searching for a news report.

“Damn truck, come on!”

His big body twisted into the driver’s seat, slipped his keys into the ignition, turned the key a bit, and punched the radio on, scanning for some local update.

“Must’ve been a truck accident of some kind. From that damn company I no longer work for. Those fuckers just won’t stop ruining our lives.”

The radio station picked up a station reporting on Shudderfiled and a town-size fire occurring.

“What? Good God! Allison!”

Dremond revved up his truck, shifted into gear and turned his path toward home.



To Be Continued

Darkness Resumed

BD Scott, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company