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Darkness Reveals – Instalment seventeen – You Are A Death Risk, Part 14

You Are A Death Risk, Part 14

by BD Scott


Dremond is bent on murdering his wife. Meanwhile…

“They have an accomplice! Chief! Chief! Hey, DAD! Something’s changed! I can feel it. Come on! Someone wake up!”

Several police staff spun around, openly irritated by their person in custody, who was strictly there to be kept from the public.¬† They managed to turn back and resume their work, but Jeffery, the Chief’s step-son, was becoming a massive nuisance.

A radio gave off that familiar blip, indicating communication between fellow policeman.

“Hey Chief, he’s acting up again. He’s ranting.”

“Damn that little shit. Did you guys give him food and water? He’s in custody but he’s not supposed to be punished.”

“He kicked everything out.”

“Crap. This guy’s gonna start something we don’t want if he’s not kept quiet. We’re getting closer to establishing a full count of everyone in town, aren’t we?”

“Uh, yes, we are. Only a few need to be contacted and verified of their whereabouts. We think people went on a vacation and told no one. It’s normal. But we need to be sure of our speculations.”

“Ok, listen. New plan then for the loud mouth. Get two of our biggest and strongest and put him in a small cell with the others serving time.”

“But, what if he…?”

“He won’t escape. At worst, he’ll piss off the uglies in their cells and they’ll intimidate him into silence.”

“Oh, I get it.”

“Yeah, so do it right.”

“Yes, Chief.”

Two massive cops collected Jeffery, who kicked and shook his way down the hall and into the cell area, still screaming that something had changed and a greater threat was emerging. No one bat an eye to his raving and the office settled back down.

Only one officer seemed alarmed.

He made a call during the interruption.

The call to Dremond’s home gave off a busy signal. The next call was to the Chief’s mother, who did not answer.

After which, the Chief answered his line.

“Is the little shit under control?”

“That situation is contained. But there might be a problem with your mother.”


“She’s not answering her phone. And that call you asked I make to Dremond about keeping his promise?”

“Yeah? What of it?”

“Busy signal. Should we do something?”

“Go and check on my mom in a cruiser. No flash or siren.”

“I’m on it.”

“Thank you, Roger.”

The line clicked off and Roger got up and left.



“Babe, is that you?” Allison blared.


“Oh good. I was so worried. Did she not have a phone?”Allison asked, checking the floor for black bile and her reflection in the kitchen mirror for evidence of getting sick.

“I’m back.”

“Ok, well, come and clean up. You kinda stink, hon. I can smell you from here.”

“The old woman was sitting in her own filth. Not exactly a tea and crumpets kind of visit,” Dremond responded with¬† a flat tone.

Dremond turned down the hall without even meeting his wife’s gaze.

“Gonna shower.”

Dremond kept his words to a minimum but his thought volume exploded.

There are razors in the bathroom.

“And then round two for us, baby?”

Dremond did not answer her.

In the shower, blood filled the tub.

Dremond smirked.

It’s time.



To Be Continued


BD Scott, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company