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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Ten – You Are A Death Risk, Part 6

You Are A Death Risk

Part 6

By BD Scott

Dremond’s racing home, wondering if Allison is alive

after he discovers the horrible news in his home town.


Dremond’s truck could only hold a speed of 120mph before shuddering like a fragile toy truck. He didn’t care.

“Come on you hunk of junk. You got me through some tough times before. You’re gonna do it again!”



Allison’s emotions swelled at the sight of Art and his family embracing as one. Her own eyes veered out of his kitchen window into his plush green back yard. Toys were scattered about but it looked like a fun place to grow up. Art knew what made him happy and it all seemed to work.

Her own health kept her from bearing children and it created a need to fill her time while Dremond worked. Although he complained about the low wages from his labor, the house was nearly paid off, if only by a few years more. They didn’t consume much of anything, which kept costs down. But her education was important to her and earning more with freelance online work could possibly cushion any work shortage Dremond might have.

But she had to complete her studies first and only if Dremond came home. She feared foreclosure like the plague. This town’s lender was quite strict. Some people were forced to move out and it was kept a town secret, a deep secret.

So, to keep everyone intact, people banded together and pooled resources. At times it wasn’t enough and that’s what worried her, especially now.

Moreover, the trauma of the deaths would hang thick for years to come. The names of the known dead were being read on their local AM radio station. You didn’t have to be far away to hear this town mourning.

Come home Dremond. Where are you?



“What the hell?”Dremond mouthed in disbelief, holding his chin over the steering wheel, wide-eyeing the horror unfolding in his hometown. His truck decelerated to posted speeds as he tried to understand what he was witnessing.

A loud police car siren alerted Dremond to stop, to which he did, rolling down his window.

“Chief Officer Pete, what’s going on? Is my wife alright?”

“Dremond, thank God you’re ok. We’re canvassing the entire town to account for all residents. We need you to stay put for a bit. Please park over there.”

“Wait a tic, Pete. What happened?”

“Well, there was a crash and several deaths in the heart of town. We’re still identifying the bodies.”

“What? Where’s my wife? Did you find her?”

“We’re still accounting for everyone,” Chief Officer Pete paused and asked, “How’s rehab going? Or should I be giving you a breathalyzer test?”

Chief Officer Pete titled his head, peering at Dremond’s truck and the keys in his hand.

“How did you know about that?”

“Word travels fast, Dremond. You know that. Have you been drinking?”

Dremond breathed heavily toward Pete’s face with a hearty “No.”

“Damn, we can’t take you in for poor oral hygiene, can w…”

At that moment, Chief Officer Pete’s radio went off.

“Uh, Pete, we have a situation here at the station. A suspect says he saw two females opposite the work site. They supposedly caused the crash today. Something about someone in a window with long fingernails.”

Chief Officer Pete closed off the conversation, assigned another officer to park inbound residents and dismissed himself.

Dremond’s heart and mind froze.

I’m not the only one’s who has seen them, then.



To Be Continued

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BD Scott, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company