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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Twelve – You Are A Death Risk, Part 8

You Are A Death Risk, Part 8

By BD Scott

Dremond has caught a break and found out his wife and best friend survived the town tragedy. He made a deal with the Chief of Police and must head home before following through to the Chief. However, someone else in town has died, right in front of the building housing the mysterious females in the window.

“Babe, where are you? ” Dremond yelled as he crashed through his front door.

Before another word was said, they embraced into a deep kiss. Their hands went everywhere on one another, gasps of relief shuddered through them.

Before long they were in the shower, making love under the warm flow of water. Her screams of pleasure made him more excited for her than he had been for a long time. He didn’t want this to end any time soon. After rising themselves off, they resumed on their king size bed, going wild and crazed, like the next day had been outlawed.

Their collective moans of pleasure culminated into a bliss both of them needed. After which, they lay relaxed and calm.

“Sweetie, what time is it?”

“It looks like it’s about six. Why?”

“Aw crap, I have a promise to keep to the Chief. I gotta go.”

“Where? What? Why now?” Allison protested, sitting up, watching Dremond getting dressed in haste.

“He needs me to do something. I made a deal with him to be with you or I would’ve been at the station this whole time and unable to, well, you know,” Dremond motioned to the messed up bed.

“When will you be back? I can’t take all of this time away from you. Even though you might be spending more time home now?” She queried with a bit of hesitancy.

“If I do this,” Dremond looked left and then right, “The Chief said he’ll clear me so I can go back to work.”

Her eyes widened and a smile of intense relief crossed her face.

“But say nothing to no one, ” Dremond requested with a punctuated, but loving kiss to her lips.

“Ok, ” Allison gave back with a sense of admiration. Her heart swelled within her. Her man was back.

“When I get back, it’s round two for you and me,” He said, adding a sexy wink.

She bunched up the covers to her chest and blushed hard.




“Dremond, Dremond you’re not going to believe this,” his neighbour rambled, crowding Dremond from the front of the Police Station.

“What’s going on? Hey, hey, take a breath. Why dontcha,” Dremond insisted.

“There’s been another death,”the neighbour said with exasperation.

“Who, What?”

“The barber. Right next to me. Right after he looked up and saw those two ladies in the window across the way. It was them I tell ya, It was them!”

“Why are you telling me?” Dremond insisted, even though a distinct amount of dread fell into the pit of his stomach like twenty pounds of bad pork plopped on a cutting board.

“Because the police are already there. And word has it, you saw’em too, right?”

Dremond shoved past his frantic neighbour and entered the Police compound. He charmed his way to the cell area, where the young man still was being held.

“What are you looking at?”

“Hey, I’m Dremond. The Chief wants me to talk with you a bit.”

“What for, to label me a nutcase? I saw what happened, ok? I don’t need some town nobody trying to quiet me down!”

“Hey, it’s the opposite man. I said to him that you and I would have a chat and figure this all out.”

“You? You’re no investigator.”

“Hey, the Chief and I go way back. Humour me for a minute.”

“What do you get out of it, anyway?”

“Nothing. It’s just that, and keep it down when I say this, ok?”

“Say what, Sherlock?”

“I saw those ladies in the window too. And the murders they did in the window.”

“You what? How do you know about it?”

“I work across the way at the site. During our workday we face those buildings. Right where those two supposed women live. They’re hard to miss.”

A long moment passed between them.

“Step into my office.”

Dremond looked around to see what the young man was taking about. He just played along and pulled up a chair.

“Listen to me. What’s your name again?”

“Dremond, with a D.”

“Alright, D. Let’s suppose you did seem them. Describe them, just so I know you’re not pulling my leg.”

“Well, they’re both white. Long jet black hair down to about here. And nails. Long ass finger nails.”

The young man’s eyes grew two sizes too big for his eye sockets, like a dead person appears after being electrocuted.

They both talked quietly for a half hour. Dremond learned about the commotion that was down the hall from where this young man lived and how it went on for some time. After asking if the young man was ok and calm, Dremond thanked the young man and walked away with new purpose.

When he exited, a host of people swarmed around him, demanding the police do something about all the deaths in town.


To Be Continued


BD Scott, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company