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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Eleven – You Are A Death Risk, Part 7

You Are A Death Risk, Part 7 By BD Scott   Dremond has been stopped at the Shutterfield town line by Police.   “Hey, Chief, I’d like to tag along. In case you find my wife. You know I’m accounted for.” “You look shell-shocked. What’s going on?” “Uh, well. About my wife, I’m worried, you […]

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Darkness Reveals – Instalment Ten – You Are A Death Risk, Part 6

You Are A Death Risk Part 6 By BD Scott Dremond’s racing home, wondering if Allison is alive after he discovers the horrible news in his home town.   Dremond’s truck could only hold a speed of 120mph before shuddering like a fragile toy truck. He didn’t care. “Come on you hunk of junk. You […]

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