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The Alice Interviews- Final Chapter



The Alice Interviews- Final Chapter


“You will know, soon. Now, what is this other female scent you picked up?”


Alice sneered and pierced her gaze directly at Dmitri, who remained ice cold.


I will tear her apart, Dmitri. One part at a time.”


“But you can’t dear Alice. You can’t.”


“Her presence angers me. I am their mother. Bree and Cali are mine!”


“Alice, please. Lower thy voice. See this?”


“Why it’s bloodied. I’m not touching that!”


“That’s right. You can’t touch it.”


Alice tried to poke the bloodied item.


Her fingers went through it.


“I can’t feel a thing, Dmitri. Stop teasing me. What is this bitch doing with my children?”


“She’s spoke with them, remember?”


“I hung there in suspended by my husband’s dead body. How can I come to know her conversation with my children?”


“You said you heard voices, Alice.”


“Yes, I did. That didn’t mean I recognized what  actually was said. Have you forgotten my plight, you idiot!”


“There, there.”


Dmitri calmly shrouded his enormous smile inside the shadows.


“What do you remember about the pentagram?”


“I asked the spirit world for something.”


“What did you ask for?”


“His death.”


“And, you got it didn’t you?”


“Yes, his body saved my hide.”


“Are you sure of this?”




Alice’s face reddened more.


“What are you talking about?”


“Your husband is NOT dead.”


“Oh fuck off, Dmitri! You speak to me as if I died and was reborn an imbecile!”


“Your children have whipped the female into a disgusting aroma.”




“Remember the smell of blood, sweat, anguish and verbal stink?”


Alice gasped at his gall and sudden switch from listener to antagonist.


“Your children caused a female to nearly rot to death. Now what do you want? “


“Wait a second, you’re confusing me. Stop! Stop it!”


“And there’s one who drove them to torture the woman who wants to deny you your motherly rights. She  is near death! Look!”


Dmitri’s attention directed itself to the woman, hanging upside down from the cellar ceiling.


“But how? Who did that? What are you telling me?”


“Your children have anticipated your concern. They’re safe.”


“No they are NOT! Someone or something made them do that!”


“Alice, just look again.”


Alice peered into the darkness and noticed a large shape move.


“It’s him.”


“It’s who?”




“Now, Alice. Pay attention. She hangs near death, but has a spark within her. She’s gathering her power for one last stand. Can you think of a way to make your presence known?”


“I’m real. I’m right HERE! In front of you!”


“Alice, look.”


Dmitri pushed feet back and forth next to him. They hang, swinging left to right.


Alice’s eyes widened.


One of her shoes hits the cellar floor from her own hanging feet.


Alice gazed at her hands, crisscrossing them. Neither of them touch together.


“Would you like to manifest yourself into the living, breathing world again?”


Alice continued to pass her senses through her entire body, grasping nothing, holding nothing, feeling absolutely nothing.


“Dmitri? I’m dead? That can’t be me!”


Her body swung as if blown about by a westerly wind. Her own hands could not stop her legs from swinging and passing through her. Her wide-eyed gaze turned to Dmitri.


“Not entirely. Your feet gave out some time ago. Your body is no longer. However, your focus hasn’t been on me or what is around me, has it?”


“No. I…I…”


“Shhh, now look. She plans to get down and claim your children. Will you allow that?”


“Fuck no! She’s not fit for them!”


“Would you like to know who hung her upside down?”


“Cali isn’t strong enough. And Bree. My precious Bree.”


“What do you see now?”


“The shape. It’s dropping her.”


“I want her, whatever you are! Leave her to me!”


“They can’t hear you, Alice. They can’t”


“But you said I could manifest!”


“Alice. Pipe down! Listen to me. They are talking. Only I can hear them.”


“That woman will choose a moment to, well, you’ll see.”


“Dmitri, you’re playing games with me.”


“Shh, Alice. Shhh. Take your emotions. Focus them into one powerful rage. Let it build. Come on. Your anger should spark it enough.”


Alice conjured energy within her own darkness.


“Good. Let your anger build. Build it!”


“Those are my children!”


“Yes they are. And she wants them!”


“No! NO!”


“She’ll take them away from here. Away from you!”


“Dmitri, NO!”


“Focus your energy, Alice. Focus it.”


In the short distance, the woman rose from being dropped. Her stature exhibited an unusual strength for her weakened state. A huge shadow swallowed her.


“DMITRI! She’s gone!”


“She’s been consumed by the spirit.”


“What spirit?”


Dmitri paused his narrative.




“It’s your dead husband’s spirit.”  




“He’s puppeting everyone. Even your children.”


Alice’s energy built into an intense crescendo.


“Alice, extend yourself into their realm. Destroy what you wish! NOW!”


Screams are heard. There is ear-shattering noise.


Alice face shines as if struck by lightning and goes dark.


Deathly quiet resumes.


Dmitri’s satanic spirit retreated into the fading glow of the upstairs pentagram, laughter in his wake.


Voices are heard from inside the cellar darkness.


The uninvited woman visitor has survived. She speaks to the children. Alice hears everything.


The woman assures the children they can leave, with her, and toward a better life.


“She’s a Nanny is she? Of my children?” Alice softly confirms out loud.


Alice’s spirit moves quietly behind them as they walk toward the cellar door’s accented edges by morning’s light.


“Oh, children? Thank the Nanny. She has done her job well, protecting you for me. As for you Miss Nanny, you haven’t been properly relieved of your duties.”


The children turn around, smile at Alice and whisper loud, “Momma!”


The Nanny tried to scream against Alice’s violent swarm of black energy zooming toward her.


The gentle laugh of Bree and Cali fill the air.


The light at the head of the stairs leading out flickers and deepens into a fierce crimson glow.






Bill D. Bistak, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company

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