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The Alice Interviews, Pt. 2





The Alice Interviews, Pt. 2



“Tell me, Alice. What of your children?”

“My memory, my damn memory. Interrupted. Shit!”

“Focus softly, my dear. Softly.”

“Another female was present. I could smell her scent. My anger grew into a frenzy and my legs clasped to my dead husband’s body in reflex.”

“What then?”

“My vision clouded and felt marred for what seemed like forever. Their voices took over.”


“Words flew around me like scattered insects. No one sounded normal. I felt voices cutting into me, worse than the rope.  And the ripping of my flesh under the girth of that rope should have severed my head from my body! Why did I not bleed more? Dmitri?”

“Please, continue.”

“I could hear my children’s submission go deeper. And their words became sinister, almost abrasive, taunting. I couldn’t tell what they were talking about. I felt their dark anger rising. ”

“Your legs. They remained strong for you so you could hear everything?”

“I don’t know. My thoughts were lost possibly. Or maybe I was already unconscious. I have no further memory of my body sensations.”

Dmitri hid his intensifying smile.

“All of their words blended into mashed up phrases. Until the crack of what I think was…was… a whip perhaps?”


“New groans and moans blended into my psyche. And a loud voice took over. It wasn’t human, Dmitri. It wasn’t human!”

Dmitri kept quiet and nodded.

“My body took on new pains. They were there all along. But now, the pain ramped up. That’s how I knew. My strength was waning. It’d be soon, now. They’d be motherless.”

Alice cried for what seemed like an hour. Dmitri kept silent.

“What do you wish for, Alice?”

“Then that woman’s voice became louder. My Bree wasn’t herself! Cali sounded evil! Who or what was doing this to them? More cracks of a whip echoed and reverberated my senses. They were in danger! SO much danger!”

Dmitri remained cold and stoic.

“I tell you, something made me hold on. New energy made my legs steel tight against that abnormally stupid husband’s body. I hung on longer, somehow. My children were not protected! They were…were…”

“Were what, Alice?”

“Not the children I knew.”




(Part Three Is Imminent)




Bill D. Bistak, Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company

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