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Trap – New Brief Drama by B.D. Scott

Double Trap


Jake and Mara started the day together in their usual morning drive. Jake held the wheel in a partial daze, thinking about what the day would be unloading; Mara sat quietly, concerned about their four year relationship and where it was heading. He turned the corner on the final leg of their morning journey and intended to drop off Mara with a kiss on her cheek. She sat quietly and didn’t move. Jake asked what was wrong, to which Mara responded,” We’re all wrong. No direction and no future. You won’t open up! This is it. Leave me here and go!”

Jake sat back, stunned and confused. His day just got more complicated. Before attempting a response, a thug smashed Jake’s window, reached in and grabbed his keys. A gun firmly pressed into Jake’s left temple. “Get out!” came the resonant threatening command. Mara lunged toward Jake while pulling him toward her lap, grabbed the gun and turned it on their attacker, shooting him square between the eyes.

Jake, still stunned, arose and stared hard at Mara, who still held the gun in her hands, pointed directly at Jake. The police arrived, disarmed Mara and cuffed both of them and within an hour threw them into separate jail cells. Jake held his face while pressed against the cold cement jail wall.

He mouthed something to himself in silence, “What the hell is happening?”

Mara quietly stood against the prison cell wall between them, asked in a whisper, “Where do we go from here, Jake?”



















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Bill Bistak (a.k.a. BD Scott), Author, Producer of & Founder of Friedrich Imagines, Ltd. a media production company


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