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UnRisen, Chapter Five

UnRisen, Chapter Five

Trina continued her door-to-door census taking somehow. Upon finally meeting her host, she attempts a different kind of acknowledgment and faces something unexpected.

“This is a manor. We might as well call it a home. Please come through here where the light is brighter. I can’t see your pretty face, dear.”

“This is an incredible home you have here.”

“Oh thank you. It’s been in our family for years.  Several generations in fact.”

“So just how many of you still live here, if I may ask?”

“Well, this is one of many rooms in the whole place. Different inhabitants in different ones, you know. You’re in the northwest most part at the moment. Do you have time to hear the story behind every room? It is a remarkable series of stories. If you have time, that is.”

“Will I get a simple count of those who are here?”

“But of course dear. But we must visit that room last.”

“What room?”

“That one, on the southwest side, upper level.”

“The fog got pretty thick outside all of a sudden. We don’t have to visit it at all. In fact, you can fill me in later. I have a busy schedule to keep.”

“Well, ok,” her middle-aged, grey haired host remarked while pouring her a tea.

“Oh, thank you. I’m not thirsty.”

“Let it be, then.”

“Can we start? You estimate one inhabitant per room.”

“Yes, in this one. May I tell you a story first?”

Trina accepted the change in hospitality. Usually she dealt with resistance and rude behaviour.

“Not long before you were born, a young lad came to this home claiming citizenship here, even though he was obviously from the Middle East and quite the mysterious fellow. Somehow, his personal story clouded everyone’s better judgment and all took him in. Anyways, he proved to be kind enough and went about his business without much trouble. I think he was a quiet practitioner of some kind. He kept to his own most of the time and eventually claimed to be this manor`s Master. Everyone accepted this. The strange thing was, whoever visited him, and this next part is heresy, never left here. Yet, anyone of authority who suspected him of anything did not challenge him. Not with as much as collecting a fingerprint of evidence. You can count him as one, for this room.”

“You mean he’s still here?”

“Shhh, he doesn’t like much attention. Now if you’ll follow me into the next room.”

“Oh, ok.”

Trina’s eyes swam in various directions, still wondering about the mysterious fellow they never met. She checked off one male on her census sheet.


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